Digital sparring partner for industrial processes

Participate in training sessions with your industrial plant

In boxing, sparring is known as a form of training. Training with a sparring partner simulates a real challenge, without compromising the fighter's health.

We have transferred this principle from the boxing arena to industrial plants. We form an ultimate team of your engineers, your machines and plants, and our DynamicxCore with full AI power.


With our SparringArena - the compelling graphical user interface of - your engineers can digitally simulate the success of changing process parameters. And they can do so without risking damage to the plant itself or to the products.

You receive dynamic suggestions for optimal plant operation within the available process parameters, your plant operators expand their knowledge and increase their experience significantly, and the DynamicxCore also learns with every use and becomes better and better.


Accelerated AI power: the DynamicxCore

With you harness the full power of AI with the DynamicxCore. It learns the behavior of your technical system fully automatically and - depending on the configuration of the system - keeps track of countless factors at the same time. More than the best engineering team in the world could do:

  • All sensor data and measured variables of the plant

  • All selected process parameters (for example via the HMIs)

  • Further timestamps and time intervals, e.g. transport times, standing and storage times, cooling phases, etc.

  • Position data of handling systems and conveyor technology

  • Integration of specific production data from external systems such as MES or ERP systems

  • Integration of retrofit sensors

  • Measured data and specifications of raw and input materials

  • Time stamps for each production and process stage

  • Measurement data of directly integrated or downstream quality control systems

  • Data of manually recorded measured variables

  • Integration of general external factors such as weather data

The more the better: based on both quantity and quality of your data, the DynamicxCore will map the complete plant behavior. Fundamental to this is the digitization of your technical system. With our AIoT solution, you can easily do this yourself.

No need for Data Scientists with

We provide you with a digital sparring partner for this purpose. Benefit from the following advantages with

  1. The DynamicxCore simulates the results relevant for you, such as quality or performance parameters under the respective current conditions and settings. You can therefore see in advance what result can be expected based on the currently set process parameters.
  2. can also give you direct recommendations for specific process parameters to be changed, which will optimize the overall process regarding the selected quality or performance parameters. Now your experts can review these suggestions and incorporate them into the process.
  3. also gives your engineers the opportunity to manually adjust the various influencing factors and process parameters in the simulation. They can then see how the overall process and the results change virtually. This means that a wide variety of settings can be tested risk-free within and outside the usual process windows.

Just like in sports, sparring improves the trainee's skills. With, we put you in a position to optimally align and operate your technical system, plant complex or machine.

Step into the future with closed-loop AI-Control

With, you are equipped for the future of automation and production control. Your sparring partner is not limited to providing you with recommendations for process parameters. If desired, it can go one step further. Provided that a feedback channel is activated in your machine control system, can transmit selected optimized process parameters directly to your machine as a control command via the PLC or HMI. These are then permanently monitored and readjusted by the DynamicxCore to always achieve the best possible result.


We have years of experience in closed-loop control of HVAC (heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning) systems using artificial intelligence. In the area of commercial buildings, this saves over 20% of costs from the start; without replacing the HVAC systems or renovating the buildings themselves.

This significant cost saving potential is already in the buildings themselves and only needs to be leveraged by our extremely powerful Artificial Intelligence.This is the future for sustainable and ecologically clean building operation.

Our mission: Machine Learning meets Engineering

It is our vision to bring the huge potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to industrial plants and technical systems. The complex information technology behind it is easy to use: your engineers don't need to be Data Scientists or AI experts, and you won't have to hire any of these extremely hard-to-find professionals.

It is our mission to bring the maximum AI power to your industrial plants and to simplify its operation so that your engineers can effectively utilize it.

Your digital sparring partner is ready. Start now!

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