Comprehensive optimization

Taking your overall asset effectiveness (OEE) to new heights with AI!

While already significantly improves the OEE of your plants and machines in terms of availability, also enables you to optimize the performance and quality factor. This allows you to take a particularly comprehensive look at your technical system and focus on the factors that are most relevant to you.

Factor 01

Increase overall availability

Downtime is one of the biggest expense in industrial production. The causes for this can be diverse. Find out where and how improvements are possible with your sparring partner

  • How can start-up times be accelerated by other parameter settings?

  • Can setup times be shortened?

  • Detect promptly when failures are imminent due to incorrectly set process parameters.

  • Reduce machine failures through predictive maintenance.

  • Support your maintenance with detailed troubleshooting at sensor level and thereby reduce mean time between failures

Factor 02

Improve quality and reduce scrap

The central concern for every production is to maintain the desired and required quality of its products. Often the quality of the products cannot be measured directly inline during production. already takes a new approach with Quality Prediction, providing you with a prediction of the achieved product quality on a piece-by-piece basis. takes you even a step further:

  • Evaluate the impact of new parameter settings on the expected product quality in a targeted way—virtually and without risk.

  • Let dynamically generate modified parameter settings during the ongoing production process to improve product quality.

  • Collect detailed measurement data on rejects and transfer them as new data streams to, increasing the precision of's results.

Factor 03

Increase your performance provides you the tool to continuously improve the performance of your technical system or production plant. Together with your digital sparring partner, you can raise the performance of your plant to a new level:

  • Test the impact of different production speeds on the overall result.

  • Learn together with how to use the optimal speed quality windows in each case.

  • Take external factors into account, such as raw material availability data from the MES, depending on which can suggest production speeds.

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