Smart Factory with processControl

Process Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

Improve industrial processes - data-driven and foresighted to unlock the full potential of your data. Artificial intelligence helps processes, machines and technical equipment to achieve maximum efficiency. Welcome to Smart Factory!

  • Increase plant efficiency

  • Maximise process output

  • Reduce production costs and downtime

  • Avoid peak loads

  • Increase product quality

processControl constitutes the predictive control optimizisation for:

  • Compressed air systems
  • Supply and disposal networks
  • Raw material processing processes
  • Process engineering plants (e.g. waste incineration power plant, biomass power plant)


More than just process monitoring...

With NEXOCRAFT´s IoT Analytics platform, consumers and data are recorded in a structured manner and can be linked to an ERP system.

...take proactive control.

Implement resource-conserving and predictive controls: Based on  the learned patterns, in combination with information about incoming orders and production plans.

One step ahead with Machine Learning

Taking all available information into account, adjustable set points are dynamically controlled by Machine Learning algorithms to optimize operations. Example: Reduce energy consumption costs on the basis of your framework conditions.

Our engineers are here to support you with their expertise and domain knowledge to help you define the individual parameters for a Control Policy that is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Possible indicators

For a fully automatic application, indicators are necessary according to which our intelligent system can plan, e.g.

  • Commissions
  • Production schedules
  • Resource prices
  • Quality of raw material
  • Delivery dates
  • Production costs
  • Availabilities
  • Climate control targets
  • Weather condition

ProcessControl offers:

  • Automated control (model-based control actions)
  • Prognosis-based, adaptive optimization strategy
  • Continuous adaptation of the Control Policy to the physical operation

This is how ProcessControl works:

  1. The basis form measurement- and operating-data of your production.
  2. Intelligent algorithms learn the individual behavior of the process (Digital Twin).
  3. The virtual image is continuously fed with forecasts about exogenous factors affecting process and time series of the relevant Control Actions.
  4. A Control Policy is learned based on the resulting predictions.
  5. The model now controls the process automatically--within  your specified guidelines.

    Example: Compressed Air

    processControl provides plants with an optimized Control Policy. The virtual image of the physical system, a so-called Digital Twin, learns the effective operating behavior in different production and order situations. The Digital Twin is continuously fed with forecast information that will influence the process, keeping the system automatically optimized.

    With processControl, demand in base load operation is met – fully automated. The pressure is dynamically adapted to the actual consumption and no longer kept at a constant level.

    Outcome: Significantly reduced energy costs for the most expensive energy source.

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