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AIoT applications for industrial plants, production & processes

As a tech startup, we focus on equipping industrial plants and processes with artificial intelligence and making the necessary data available. We are therefore also involved in many research projects and develop smart cloud solutions for the industry of tomorrow together with our partners.

Below you will find an excerpt of our partners, research projects and networks.


Networks & Research Projects:

Digital marketplace for Industry 4.0 software


We are a partner of ADAMOS, the most important alliance of global market leaders in mechanical and plant engineering in Europe. You can buy our AIoT platform as a SaaS application (Software-as-a-Service) in the new digital marketplace, the ADAMOS Store.

Whereas access to industry 4.0 software used to be complicated and consultation-intensive, these digital solutions are now directly available for you in a very short time. Choose the flat rate you want and start immediately out of the ADAMOS Hub. For users from the manufacturing and production industry, this uncomplicated implementation is an accelerator on their way to digitalization.

Sensor technology for industrial automation


Blind spots in your production processes are areas that have not been monitored at all, only inaccurately or with a time delay. These can be, for example, material flow rates at important points, quality measurements or hall temperatures. With retrofit sensor technology, you can counteract these blind spots in a targeted and minimally invasive manner.

Our partner ifm offers you numerous retrofittable IO-Link sensors as well as suitable IO-Link masters as gateways for the connection of up to 8 sensors each. The components can be connected directly to without any detours. Commissioning is simple and fast. The higher transparency in the process also directly improves the precision of the AI - for example, the Industrial Health Scoring of thus provides you with an even more precise health status of your plants.

Wide range of retrofit sensor technology


Every production line has areas that are not yet detected and monitored by sensors, but are crucial for the overall process. The solution: retrofitted sensors that make the blind spots in the process transparent. For example, calculations of the health status of your machines are made much more precise by Industrial Health Scoring from

Our partner autosen offers precisely fitting IO-Link sensors for almost all measuring points. The selection ranges from temperature sensors, differential pressure and flow sensors to vibration sensors. Thanks to the IO-Link communication standard, integration into your production line can be implemented in a short time.

Wireless IO-Link connectivity


A hallmark of IO-Link is the simple wiring of sensors and actuators using simple, standardized, 3-core sensor cables. However, certain applications at machine and plant builders and manufacturing companies require more flexible equipment, even less installation effort and further cable reduction.

Our partner CoreTigo offers the right hardware components for this: the TigoBridge and the TigoMaster. While meeting stringent industry requirements for reliability, latency, and scalability, this allows data to flow seamlessly from your production to our AIoT platform,

Enabler retrofit sensors


A gateway is needed as an enabler so that the data from retrofit sensors can be transferred securely to the cloud. We are working with our hardware partner io-key on this. Their Wireless IoT Gateway is compatible with more than 10,000 sensors on the market.

Via Plug & Play, the IO-Link sensors are automatically detected and the sensor data is transferred to the cloud even without intervention in the existing IT infrastructure. The pre-configured commissioning takes just a few minutes and the data flows directly into our AIoT platform, giving you a more complete picture of your manufacturing process in a straightforward and short time.

Cyber Security for the Industry


When industrial machines are connected to the cloud, extreme care must be taken to establish the highest standard of cyber security possible. Together with our partner DataOS we offer a simple way to set up hardware protection and fully automatic monitoring of data traffic for each individual machine.

Through this, the machine data is encrypted and protected by intricate firewalls. The complete solution OTProtect is optionally available for each of our AIoT packages and can be used directly without additional installation effort.

Plug-and-play connectivity for your shopfloor


The digitization of your production lines and technical systems always starts with the secure connection of the machines and plant modules to the cloud. Our partner Cybus offers a package solution for this: the Cybus Connectware. Via plug-and-play, you establish connectivity for a wide range of protocols, including: OPC-UA, Beckhoff ADS, Fanuc FOCAS, Heidenhain DNC, Pfannenberg Connect, Sick SOPAS, Siemens SIMATIC S7, Modbus/TCP and more. Additional hardware is not required.

Connectware secures the fully comprehensive data flow for factories between the shopfloor and the cloud and enables you to build scalable data architectures. Machine and sensor data are collected via connectors, they are preprocessed based on events and transferred into a unified model and thus made available for IT systems and applications. You can thus easily provide all your production and process data and transfer it directly and automatically to our AIoT platform via the interface.

Research project ⎮ KI for KMU


ManuBrain is a research project in which approaches are being sought to remove technological hurdles to the use of IIoT solutions for manufacturing SMEs. For this purpose, we are developing an open source solution together with 5 other project partners, which includes data connection to machines, data transport and data storage as well as an execution environment for artificial intelligence methods.

In order to get closer to the goal of being able to use extensive analyses, modeling and predictions for industrial machines, plants and production processes in a simple way, an underlying AI platform is first required. NEXOCRAFTTM designs, develops and implements this platform for ManuBrain.

Research Project | AI for IT Security


HAIP (Hybrid AI Intrusion Prevention) is a research project investigating how artificial intelligence (AI) can prevent cyberattacks on networked automation and production systems. We are developing a self-learning security solution together with the partners involved. All data packets from production systems are automatically checked in 2 directions: What does the normal process data look like and what patterns can be identified in the communication data?

Machine learning thus trains a neural network, similar to a human brain. This allows cyberattacks to be identified in the shortest possible time and with pinpoint accuracy. This security solution can respond flexibly to changes again and again.

Research project | Optimizing logistics processes


In the Time4CPS research project, we analyze production and logistics processes. If, for example, recurring production steps and processes deviate from their typical duration, this can be used as an indicator of unwanted changes. This quickly reveals, for example, different raw material compositions or blocked transport routes.

As coordinator of the project, we are developing a software framework for this together with 5 partners. This continuously analyzes all relevant data on the temporal behavior of these processes using machine learning methods. If significant irregularities occur, the user is warned at an early stage. Production downtimes and expensive interruptions in logistics chains are thus avoided.

Project sheet: time4cps

European Tech-Network


NEXOCRAFT™ is part of the European Champions Alliance (ECA). As a non-profit initiative, ECA consists of a network of entrepreneurs and business supporters. It focuses on the goal of linking national ecosystems and supporters of the tech scene in Europe in order to leverage the full potential of digitization and artificial intelligence for the industry. Scale-ups and SMEs network with established large companies across all industries. Together, we are establishing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) for industrial applications and thus securing the European industry's competitiveness.

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