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AIoT application for industry

We have developed as a web-based AIoT platform specifically for industry. Whether in plastics processing, process air, compressed air management & interconnection control or smart buildings - with artificial intelligence working for you, your production processes are continuously optimized.
This means: less waste, better quality and higher availability.

Below you will find an excerpt of our customer projects, which we will add to shortly.

Plastics processing blow molding process

AST plastic containers

AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH has been producing high-quality, blown plastic containers for the food and chemical industries using the blow molding process for over 40 years. All sensor data and setpoints are processed and controlled automatically.

There is a fully automatic calculation of the health status in real time via the Industrial Health Scoring of Anomalies are thus detected at an early stage in the production process and thus the availabilities are significantly improved.

Plastics processing


RIKUTEC Group is an international company in the field of blow molding technology. For more than 30 years, the family-owned company has been manufacturing industrial plastic containers and large-volume blow-molded parts using the coextrusion blow molding process.

Our web-based AIoT platform links and collects all sensor data and setpoints in the cloud and enables comprehensive monitoring. Artificial intelligence permanently optimizes production processes and independently detects anomalies, for example. The availability of the machines is thus ensured.

Customer project


"We chose the combination package of DataOS and NEXOCRAFTTM because we wanted to take a significant step forward in terms of availability, machine utilization and quality improvement at the level of our production. Without leaving our value-adding infrastructure unprotected - in times of increasing cyber-attacks!

As a manufacturing company with four sites and over 2,000 customers worldwide, safeguarding our value-adding machines and systems is elementary. At the same time, we are always at the forefront of putting our production processes to the test and continuously optimizing them.

We are already looking forward to the new insights from this gained transparency - in production and at the network level. And all with robust protection when communicating with the cloud!"

Andreas Rapp, Managing Partner of POLYRACK TECH-GROUP Holding, Straubenhardt

Artificial intelligence for HVAC

Recogizer Group

Our partner company Recogizer is a pioneer in self-learning building solutions. With the help of artificial intelligence, the GreenTech company permanently increases the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings. Recogizer provides real estate operators and owners with an innovative technology to reduce the carbon footprint in an automated way and to meet challenging ESG criteria. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany.

Recogizer's vision is to contribute to climate protection in a smart and effective way with energyControl for green commercial real estate.

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