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High Performance IoT Platform Connecting Devices

The NEXOCRAFT IoT platform provides the ideal foundation to launch unique analytics applications. Control your production predictively, or digitize your business model with Machine-as-a-Service.

Due to its high-level scalability, our platform automatically adjusts to changing data volumes and business requirements; relying on state-of-the-art IoT Analytics platform architecture. Advanced Machine Learning ensures efficient predictions.

Precise. Reliable. Robust. Hosting in certified data centers in Germany.

The main features of the NEXOCRAFT IoT platform are:

  • Provisioning, registration, authentication, monitoring and management of devices

  • Recording, monitoring, pre-processing and analysis of incoming data streams and events
  • Structuring data and metadata by organization and assets (business logic)
  • Calculation of key figures (KPIs, virtual data points)
  • Visualization of data, anomalies, forecasts and insights
  • Predictive Control with the help of machine learning processes, incorporating subject-specific domain knowledge

The NEXOCRAFT IoT workflow

Relying on powerful, state-of-the-art IoT Analytics platform architecture. Intuitively operable.


Asset & Device Manager

Intelligently connect devices

Register your device in the platform to transfer analog and digital values from buildings, machines, plants or processes into the cloud. Data from integrated sources is transferred continuously as time series and stored in the platform, where it is kept highly availabile for further processing. Raw data and metadata are structured hierarchically according to organizations and assets.



Analyze data over time

Perform your own analyses by visualizing time series in a multi-trend chart, and create multi-axis plots of data point histories with just a few clicks. Trend analyses can be saved and are readily accessible. Example: Compare the efficiency of multiple machines of the same type.



Extract key performance indicators

The KPI Manager supports graph-based modeling of data flows, making it easy to transform raw data into meaningful information. First, raw data points are selected as sources; then mathematical operators process the input flows.

Intermediate results can be processed further using additional flow elements. The final result is saved as KPI in the platform, where KPIs can be visualized as trends or assigned to dashboards. Individual, and easy to configure.  

KPI examples: Weekly throughput, response rate, maintenance costs, availability.



Results at a glance

Present raw data and KPIs in freely customizable dashboards: Choose a chart type (e.g. pie charts) and save it as widget to visualize your data points. All widgets can be reused later. Then select a dashboard layout and arrange the widgets according to size and focal point. Widgets can be dragged and dropped dynamically onto the layout. Done. 




Visualize your assets

Visualizing assets in geographical maps at any level of detail allows you to model the assets' layout and display it together with the precise location. Add additional metadata such as visitor heat maps, customer flows, and length of stay and define zones (such as sections of a production line) which can be used for analytics and reports.

Special feature: Create digital indoor maps that are perfect for navigation, e.g. building floor plans, campus plans, accommodation facilities.


Alarms und Events

Monitor threshold and configure alerts

In the event of an unscheduled occurrance, e.g. if a threshold value is violated, an alarm is triggered and messages of varying urgency are sent out. Depending on your preference, you will receive these notifications either via email or SMS push notification.

Every alarm and every message is recorded chronologically in the platform's Event Overview. To create a new alert setting, simply select a data point or KPI and define an alarm criterion. Lastly, you assign the recipient(s). Based on analytical models (e.g. predictive maintenance), generated events can also be escalated via the Alarm Manager.



Scheduled reporting

Dashboards provide transparency in the platform. Based on a configurated dashboard, PDF reports can be scheduled on a regular basis for any time interval and sent out via email.
Based on your settings, a report is generated automatically for the set reporting period (e.g. "last month"), providing seamless coverage. All reports can be downloaded from the platform.

Why choose the NEXOCRAFT IoT platform?

  • Easy integration of Machine Learning tools
    The NEXOCRAFT IoT platform provides the ideal basis for unique Machine Learning solutions, and can be extended with advanced IoT applications such as Machine-as-a-service or ProcessControl.
  • Advanced Analytics Framework
    We use predefined, inter-coordinated procedures, with the platform components being based on Machine Learning. The Analytics Framework is fully capable of operating models and monitoring their performance.
    Developed by experts, customized by you.
  • Ensuring Data Quality with Data-Pipelines
    We take care of the long-term operation of your analysis models and guarantee highest quality.
    To guarantee best results, we are monitoring the quality of incoming data streams by default, and comprehensively check the time series for irregularities before pre-processing them further.
  • End-to-End integration and security

    Your comprehensive IoT solution comes from a single source: We are operating the  platform and services end-to-end. Cutting-edge technology ensure seamless security from device to data backup. An availability of 99.9% according to SLA is a matter of course for us.

  • Connectors and flexible device management 
    Your interconnected devices and sensors can be managed from your computer; online and in real time.
    All communication points are seamlessly networked -- whether industrial plants or individual devices. External platforms are flexibly integrated.

Your Advantages

Facilitates a wide range of analytics services

Use valuable forecasts and insights from analyses to optimize your machines and processes. The IoT platform has a fully integrated analytics framework to extract relevant information.

Automated execution of processes

Complex analytics processes are automated and streamlined, e.g. the generation of forecasts or the calculation of KPIs.

Technology and interface-agnostic

Any devices or sensors can be integrated via a number of standard interfaces. We offer various integration options for field devices, gateways and third-party platforms.

Combine solutions individually

Individual IoT platform modules can be put together according to the scope of your projects and needs. Depending on a sufficient level of data quality and quantity, several analytics modules can be added. This allows you to implement advanced technologies such as processControl.

Take things further

Use the platform's API to integrate previously existing systems or IoT applications you are currently using. We're here to help you.



Device Management:

  • Replication
  • Partitioning
  • Streaming
  • Roles and rights
  • Signatures / Data Tracking
  • Automation of software deployments
  • Firmware-over-the-Air (FOTA)
  • Disabling devices by remote access
  • Monitoring of data traffic and error rates
  • Encryption

Device Connection: Supported Protocols

Communication and data transmission

  • BACnet
  • Modbus/TCP
  • OPC-UA
  • Ether-S-Bus
  • https (REST API)
  • WebSocket
  • MQTT

Missing something? We'll make any other integration possible. Just ask.

  • 2G/3G/LTE
  • https/ http2
  • Lora
  • NB-IoT
  • VPN
  • provider independent

Guaranteed security and quality:

  • Provisioning, Connection and Authentication
  • Device monitoring and diagnostics
  • Software maintenance and updating
  • Versioning and Configuration
  • Controlling
  • Backup / Recovery
  • Integrable into existing landscape - e.g. LDAP, SSO
  • Client separation
  • Release

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