Visualization and Evaluation

Dynamic tools for monitoring your data provides you with a range of tools for the evaluation and visualization of your process data. Focus on the aggregation level that is of interest to you and get right to the bottom of complex relationships. Comprehensive rights management allows you to release all analyses, evaluations and visualizations to the right users.

Industrial Health Scoring: unprecedented insights for your engineers

Industrial Health Scoring automatically determines the health status of your technical systems. From all available data points,'s DynamicxCore - the heart of its artificial intelligence - calculates the condition of your plant or machine. It learns under which circumstances your system or machine is in an optimal operating state.

By aggregating all sensor data fully automatically, evaluating and comparing it with past data, changes in pneumatic drives or heating elements, for example, can be detected in real time. Industrial Health Scoring summarizes and graphically displays these health states on 4 different aggregation levels. The engineer is offered an unprecedented and comprehensive insight into the current performance and availability of his plant. This feature is totally manufacturer-independent: different technical modules from different manufacturers can be viewed together.

KPIs, alarms and tickets

Generate exactly the analyses and key figures that you need for your production and processes with the KPI Manager. You can use the user-friendly interface to perform automated calculations independently with any available data series (e.g. torque measurement curve), store them as a data series and include them in calculations dynamically.

The following calculation models are available to you:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Min. - max. calculations
  • Calculation of moving averages
  • Calculation of cumulative sums
  • Estimation using linear panel data models
  • Addition of Gaussian noise
  • Truncation of configurable lower and upper bounds
  • plus many more

Effortlessly well informed

To ensure that the right people in your team are provided with the right information, you can configure rules and triggers for alarms flexibly, e.g. when a certain threshold value is reached. Triggered alarms are sent by email, SMS or via the integrated ticket system. Tickets can of course also be created manually. For a structured workflow, tickets can be assigned different processing stages, descriptions, and urgencies, as well as being allocated directly to the responsible person.

Create your own dashboards from a variety of templates

The integrated Dashboard Manager allows you to graphically visualize real-time and recorded data from your sensors and KPIs. A wide range of visualization types and layouts are available for you.

Create your own individual dashboard templates with just a few clicks. For example, would you like to monitor multiple servo motors in your plant? Simply create a dashboard template for this purpose. It is stored and readily accessible for monitoring all servo drives.


Export reports on a scheduled basis

Do you need a prepared presentation of your data on a regular basis? The Report Manager will generate recurring and consistent reports with the help of highly configurable report templates.

The PDF reports are sent to the right user at the desired regular intervals. Monitoring and benchmarking your plants and machines has never been more efficient.

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