Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

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Bringing together and presenting your technical asset data is just the first step towards adding real value to your business. derives countless insights and correlations from the measured data, compares them with past experience and calculates predictions for the respective time series.

Unlock meaningful insights from your data with AI understands the value in your data and places it in the hands of your engineers: almost fully automated and in real time. You get access to this superbrain - which we call the DynamicxCore - conveniently via your browser.

Do you want to significantly improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your technical systems? With, you can primarily optimize the availability of your industrial and production facilities

If you would like to map the OEE even more completely to improve it with regard to the performance factor, you can additionally take advantage of our product


The next generation of AI is here

At the heart of lies the DynamicxCore: a powerful system of artificial neural networks. The DynamicxCore not only permanently performs countless calculations, but also intelligently connects a wide array of AI models. These do not work separately from each other, but dynamically enhance one another.

If you rely on the DynamicxCore, you can be sure to benefit directly from the latest and best AI models - now and in the future.

Contextual and AI-driven anomaly detection.

The DynamicxCore enables contextual, AI-driven anomaly detection for any sensors and KPIs of your technical plant. Its special feature is that it permanently evaluates the sensor values in the bigger picture—i.e., in relation to the process context. Consequently, the accuracy and informative value of the detected anomalies increase significantly.

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Any number of sensors can be considered as context of the process - the more data available, the more precise the detected anomalies will be
  • The expertise of your engineers is considered and incorporated: Detected anomalies are channelled directly to the responsible engineers
  • The DynamicxCore constantly learns and improves over time.

Powerful AI-based prediction of time series is not limited to monitoring past data and providing real-time insight, but also allows you to look at the most likely future values of time series by capturing the complete available process context. Utilize these predicted values to proactively manage your process, avoid downtime and reduce maintenance costs as well as plant shutdowns, turnarounds and revisions.

  • DynamicxCore learns the "behavior" of the data points and time series from the historical data fully automatically and without your intervention.
  • With high accuracy, these can then be predicted in a given time interval.
  • You can estimate the reliability of the prediction directly from the "funnel-shaped" graphical representation: The further ahead you want to look, the more uncertain the prediction will necessarily be. Taking into account your expertise

So what makes unique? Most AIoT solutions on the market either take a purely data-driven approach or laboriously digitize your expert knowledge. With, we are bringing together the best of both worlds and make it more efficient than ever.

Initially, DynamicxCore works on a primarily data-driven basis. However, your experts and engineers can store detailed information on data points via our graphical user interface. This allows you to flexibly define dedicated units, data types, intervals and affiliations to plant components and organizational structures.

Your experts are fully included in the DynamicxCore learning phase and are entrusted with initial results. These can then be evaluated and reported back to you via the integrated feedback system. The learning curve thereby becomes significantly steeper and shorter.

If you additionally opt for the advanced model including our product, DynamicxCore becomes an interactive sparring partner for your engineers. Find out more at

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