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Made for your industry:

We have developed as a web based AIoT platform specifically for the manufacturing industry. It spans the range from connecting all your plants, machines, modules and devices, independent of manufacturer, to intelligent monitoring. All made possible with artificial intelligence working directly for you. Artificial intelligence can, for example, independently detect anomalies in the production process.

If that's not enough, you can upgrade to become a real, digital sparring partner. is a virtual training- and optimization-partner for your industrial plants and processes. And just like in boxing, there are no "injuries" in sparring. You use a protected environment without any risk for your industrial plant. bundles all your data points

The first step is to compile all available data and data points of your industrial processes and have them organized. For this, is the ideal administration tool at your side: No matter how and where production and process data is gathered, allows you to store it efficiently.

The following data can be managed in

  • Any process data from your production process (motor speeds, sensor data, temperature curves of heating elements, ON/OFF data, existing fault messages from control units and PLC, etc.).
  • Transfer process parameters set by your engineers and plant operators from the plant operation.
  • Transfer characteristic values and measurement data from your raw materials before they are processed.
  • Data from your automation and material handling technology.
  • Integrate virtual or manually entered data points.


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Gain real value from your data

After you have captured all data points relevant to you in, you can proceed to the direction you are interested in. Options include:

  • Intelligent real-time monitoring of your plant and process data
  • Calculate dynamic and individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Visualize your incoming data streams and calculated KPIs in user-friendly dashboards
  • Provide your team members with the right information at the right time via configurable alerts and tickets
  • Create and export regular reports

Enhance your technical systems with artificial intelligence.

Compiling the data of your machines and systems and providing overall monitoring is only the beginning. Our core expertise lies in equipping technical systems with artificial intelligence. Artificial neural networks, as well as highly sophisticated and complex dynamic models, are working for you behind the scenes: We cluster your data streams in our DynamicxCore, the core of's artificial intelligence. After an initial learning phase, the performance of your technical system increases your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

You could benefit from the following tools:

Secure connectivity according to current industry standards

The reliable and secure connection of your plants, machines and gateways with is the most important basis to kick off your AIoT solution. Rely on well-established industry standards in terms of connectivity. You can pick the route that is readily available for your system, suitable in terms of data transmission (e.g., in terms of data volumes and transmission times), and which is compatible with your infrastructure.

For example:

  • OPC-UA
  • MQTT
  • Others on request

Suitable for large industrial plants and many more: flexible to the max! raises the bar in the world of IoT. You don't have to adapt your organizational structure to fit our AIoT platform. Instead, you can configure the platform with our state-of-the-art graphical interface to perfectly fit into your environment and map it in the most effective way.

Instead of continuing to rely on a rigid hierarchical tree structure to force all your assets, plants, machines, resources into a tight fit, we’re taking a new approach: is based on an intelligent set of containers and filters.

It doesn't get any more flexible and custom-fit than this.

Containers are a comprehensive organizational element that digitally represent your real-world objects. With filters, you have a powerful tool at hand to determine what should be part of a container. From all available resources, e.g. plants, components, machines, devices, sensors and more, simply select the items you want to analyze collectively. Duplicates, automatic updates, or the consideration of completely new contextual contexts (e.g. all machines of the same type, no matter from which plant are now as easy as it gets).

Example: Plastics processing Nexus GmbH


Powerful and highly scalable with MS Azure managed services

The AIoT platform is based on state-of-the-art design principles for highly scalable cloud applications, offering you maximum flexibility in terms of infrastructure.

Powerful and highly scalable

With just a few clicks, your new projects can be implemented. is dimensioned and extended on the Virtual Machines (VM) as well as the Managed Services of MS Azure according to your requirements, and is hosted in German or Western European data centers.

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The core features at a glance

The core modules of provide you with an easy entry into the world of IoT, enabling you to create and administrate the digital image of your technical system. Our graphical user interface means you won’t need any additional programming effort.

The following functions are available to you:

  • Provisioning, registration, authentication, monitoring, and management of devices.
  • Recording, monitoring, pre-processing, and analyzing incoming data streams.
  • Structuring of data and meta-data according to organizational units (e.g., companies or project teams) as well as assets according to business logic.


Asset Manager

With the Asset Manager, you can map organizational structures that best correspond to the real existing objects of your organization. Using our flexible containers, you can e.g. define which metadata and properties of your production facilities you want to record and enter the master data for all your production sites.

Device Manager

The Device Manager lets you manage any devices that collect your measurement data and send it to the cloud. Use our graphical interface to define which information and data streams you want to transmit to the platform and save templates to have your customized settings readily available for a large number of identical devices (Device Types).

User Manager is fully multi-client capable. The User Manager is used to manage user accounts, access rights and roles. New users are created in the platform through an email invitation and must be confirmed via a link. As an administrator, you are free to assign roles and rights. In doing so, you can assign individual read, write and ownership rights to just about all resources, views and elements in the AIoT platform. If desired, you can also activate two-factor authentication.

Low cost - high performance: designed for the industrial sector

We have developed specifically for industrial applications. With the needs and requirements of the industrial sector in mind, we have designed a streamlined, flexible and easily customizable AIoT platform with low cost to deliver high performance.

It can be used in a variety of industrial sectors, including:

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