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Unleash the Power of Machine Learning.

Explore the world of Industry 4.0 by utilizing the power of Machine Learning. Our AIoT platform combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT). Manage and control your connected devices on our Industrial IoT platform, offering data vizualisation and analysis as well as flexible, modular customization and real-time monitoring.

A Dynamic Control Policy tailored to your optimization goals is what we call It is a technological framework based on Machine Learning – possibly the most powerful domain of Artificial Intelligence today.

Our powerful IoT platform feeds data into, our Machine Learning framework. With the expertise of your engineers a Digital Twin is defined, through which our dynamic control policy will optimize your processes.

graphicx Platform Components


IoT and AI within a single technological framework

Better together: We aim for consistency and flawless application. That is why the development of our IoT & AI technology goes hand in hand.

Adapts to your technical environment

Our modular concept ensures it will adapt to your environment and integrate seamlessly with third party applications

Tailored to your needs and goals

Graphical interface for parametrization and flexible coding – to make sure it fully meets your requirements

Industry 4.0 native

Interfaces to all established and upcoming industrial protocols

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