AIoT turnkey for production lines!

Preconfigured, ready to use and 100% cost transparent.

Optimize availability

With and embedded Industrial Health Scoring, you can keep an eye on the health of your assets in real time. It is monitored fully automatically with AI.

AI-quality controller

Your quality parameters are permanently monitored. If desired, the target values affecting quality are directly readjusted within the permissible tolerance corridor.

Reduce scrap

Detect bad parts at an early stage directly during production: This allows you to avoid cost-intensive misproductions and deliveries. The performance of your plant increases.

Your application in view

What is

Software-as-a-Service is a web-based SaaS solution securely hosted on MS Azure. The Flat-Rates are all inclusive so access is immediate and you can begin right away

Productivity boost through AI

Optimize the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and increase availability of your machines through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Preconfigured & ready for operation

A quick and easy start with little effort: Just send us your machine types and activate the OPC UA server on your machines.

Advantages for your production


Process transparency for ongoing production is the first step towards greater efficiency. Machine data can be easily supplemented with retrofit sensors via IO-Link.


Process stability

Continuous monitoring and forecasting, e.g. of temperature fluctuations in the production hall, temperature control units or molds, ensure stability and prompt adjustments.


Optimal personnel deployment

Reduce wear parts, filters and maintenance effort through permanent monitoring and intelligent predictions of upcoming replacement.


Suitable for you?

  • Yes, if you want to take first steps towards digitization & optimization of your assets.

  • If you are a person of action and do not want expensive consulting & customizing projects. does without them.

  • If you have a heterogeneous machine park. is manufacturer-independent and also integrates peripherals.

What our customers say:

We chose the combination package of NEXOCRAFT and DataOS because we wanted to take a significant step forward in terms of availability, machine utilization and quality improvement at the level of our production. Without leaving our value-adding infrastructure unprotected - in times of increasing cyber-attacks.

As a manufacturing company with four sites and over 2,000 customers worldwide, safeguarding our value-adding machines and systems is elementary. At the same time, we are always at the forefront of putting our production processes to the test and continuously optimizing them.

We are already looking forward to the new insights from this gained transparency - in production and at the network level. And all with robust protection when communicating with the cloud!"

Andreas RappAndreas Rapp, Managing Partner of POLYRACK TECH-GROUP Holding, Straubenhardt

Your scope of delivery:

  • AIoT platform incl. Industrial Health Scoring as flat rate package

  • Incl. all license and infrastructure costs such as computing power, storage & traffic at Microsoft Azure

  • Real-time monitoring, individual dashboards, reporting, KPI calculation and intelligent monitoring

  • Connect your machines to the cloud via OPC-UA, MQTT or REST API.
  • You need to activate the OPC-UA server on your machines and submit your machine types to us
  • You will then receive a configuration proposal with the available data streams and ready-to-use AIoT access

Flat rates with full cost control

We give you the effective hardware protection OTProtect from DataOS as an option on top of our AIoT platform We assure you full cost control with our flat rate prices. Enjoy valuable insights for your production process, stably secured.

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