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Transparency in the machine park

Keep track of your machines down to the sensor level with real-time data. See KPIs like mass balance as trends. Reduce the waste of material as a result.

Increase process stability

AI process monitoring learns the behavior of your plants and alerts you in case of deviations. Avoid process interruptions, rework and delivery delays.

Reduce scrap, save costs

See directly when process-relevant parameters run out of tolerance and thus reduce your reaction times. Avoid additional costs from production errors.

Your application in view

graphicx.io at a glance

MES lite

graphicx.io takes over the basic functionalities of an MES and visualizes your process data. You get insights into the real-time data or historical data of the machines and peripherals. Always keep an eye on your most important data streams and selected KPIs.

If you do not yet have an MES in place, graphicx.io is an extremely lean solution. If you already have an MES, then it is a smart addition and preparation for more AI in your production.

Plastics Dashboard

The Plastics Dashboard allows you to compare important process-relevant KPIs such as machine utilization or material consumption efficiency (mass balance).

The key figure mass balance per machine shows you how much material is lost. This can be used to optimize your processes and save resources.

Health Scoring

Health Scoring is your AI-based digital assistant for process monitoring. It determines the health status of your machines fully automatically 24/7 and informs your personnel as soon as important process parameters run out of tolerance or failures occur. You receive a direct impulse for action.


graphicx.io is a plug & play solution for your production lines. Order immediately and we will contact you regarding automatic installation.

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  • Do you have a heterogeneous machine park? graphicx.io is manufacturer-independent and also integrates peripherals.

What our customers say:

We use graphicx.io to digitally map our production. To do this, we monitor our Arburg and Engel injection molding machines with AI. We are particularly interested in process data, such as mass cushions, so that we can react quickly in the event of deviations and thus avoid scrap.

Ralf PeterManaging Director PEKA Spritzguss GmbH

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You want to raise the efficiency of your production facilities to a new level? After ordering, you can fully use graphicx.io in your production and enjoy the benefits. Your satisfaction is particularly important to us. Therefore, we grant you a right of withdrawal within the first 3 months. In addition, we grant you a 100-day payment term.

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