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AIoT special program for manufacturing SMEs 2021

The industry is heading for the next stage of digital transformation. The current technological leap in the field of AIoT makes it possible to easily record, store and monitor data for complete industrial and manufacturing plants.

Digitize your production facilities with the AIoT platform!

That‘s exactly what does by design, but we take it further: our platform unlocks the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your industry. Automated analyses, predictions and recommended actions are available to you for plant operation in real time: You can utilize results from multiple nested neural networks and the most complex AI models without any prior knowledge.

Ready for operation!

  • Smart monitoring of your complete plant, regardless of manufacturers.
  • Analyze your production based on time series of sensors, process parameters and measurement data.
  • Increase the availability of all your pieces of equipment and reduce scrap.
  • - the AIoT platform made and hosted in Germany.
  • By getting access to our web-based platform, you can start today.
  • Create custom dashboards, recurring reports, and alarms.
  • SaaS: Don‘t worry about cloud infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Connect your machines and devices with the cloud via OPC-UA, MQTT or REST-API
  • The highest security standards apply to your sensitive data.

Made for AI. already includes the most advanced AI functionalities such as e.g. Industrial Health Scoring. In addition, enables you to digitally simulate your plant behavior and optimize production without any risk or consequences.

For one year at cost

  • Use the entire AIoT platform in our Enterprise Package for 1 year at cost price: you only have to cover the costs for the Microsoft (MS) Azure infrastructure.
  • Start using our AI features at any time upon request. Please contact us!
  • After the 1st year, as well as from the start of using, the monthly fees are: 1,250€ license fee + MS Azure infrastruc- ture costs according to usage + 0.5 x MS Azure infrastructure costs for platform operation.
  • The AIoT special program is available only until 12/31/2021.

Start now - it‘s worth it!

Operating behind is the DynamicxCore - a super brain full of artificial intelligence. Like the human brain, it is constantly learning; and it improves the more data is provided.

Which means that if you start digitizing your production lines today, you‘re sure to have better results in the future - re- gardless of the extent to which you are already using monitoring and AI features today. Get up and running right away!

Would you like to profit from the AIoT special program?

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