IIoT Security Bundle

IIoT platform combined with effective hardware protection for machines & plants

IIoT platform for production lines


graphicx.io is a SaaS solution hosted on MS Azure. For you, everything is included, once you've selected and ordered your desired package, you are granted access immediately and can being setup right away.

Productivity boost through AI

Optimize the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of your machines supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The first step is increasing availability.

Best matching package

graphicx.io and OTProtect are harmonized components. For you, this means: a quick and easy start with little implementation effort.

Secure networking of your industrial plants

Protection against cyber attacks

With the DataOS machine protection OTProtect, your most important machines are optimally protected. Industry 4.0 is thus no longer a target for attack.


No downtime

The traffic of your machine is automatically monitored. Configuration is possible without programming. Reduce downtime costs associated with cyber-attacks this way.


Plug & Play

The installation effort is minimal: Simply plug the OTProtect Node between your LAN connection of machine and network.


Suitable for you?

  • Yes, if you want to take the first steps towards digitalization & optimization of your plants without threatening IT security

  • Yes, if you are a person of action and do not want expensive consulting projects in advance.

  • Yes, if you suspect that there is more potential in your production, but you don't know exactly where.

What our customers say:

We chose the combination package of NEXOCRAFT and DataOS because we wanted to take a significant step forward in terms of availability, machine utilization and quality improvement at the level of our production. Without leaving our value-adding infrastructure unprotected - in times of increasing cyber-attacks.

As a manufacturing company with four sites and over 2,000 customers worldwide, safeguarding our value-adding machines and systems is elementary. At the same time, we are always at the forefront of putting our production processes to the test and continuously optimizing them.

We are already looking forward to the new insights from this gained transparency - in production and at the network level. And all with robust protection when communicating with the cloud!"

Andreas RappManaging Partner of POLYRACK TECH-GROUP Holding, Straubenhardt

Your NEXOCRAFT & DATA OS bundle:

  • graphicx.io IIoT platform incl. Industrial Health Dashboard as a flat rate package

  • Incl. all license and infrastructure costs like computing power, storage & traffic at MS Azure

  • Individual dashboards, reporting, KPI calculation with intelligent monitoring

  • Connect your machines to the cloud via OPC-UA, MQTT or REST API

  • 1 OTProtect Node for protection per machine or system

  • 1 OTProtect Gateway for encrypted communication

  • 1 OTProtect EDGE as data hub towards the cloud

  • You get the hardware conveniently for rent and access to the DataOS self-service portal for easy configuration

Flat rates with full cost control

We give you the effective hardware protection OTProtect on top with our IIoT platform graphicx.io. We guarantee you full cost control with our flat rate prices. Enjoy valuable insights for your production process, stably secured.

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Secure your IIoT platform graphicx.io including optimal hardware protection from DataOs!

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