Cloud solution with MS Azure

Ready to go with just a few clicks! is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that offers you an easy entry into the AIoT world. It allows you to focus entirely on your business without having to devote time and energy running and scaling the necessary cloud infrastructure or software yourself. Get access to and you are ready to go!

MS Azure cloud environment, together with Microsoft Azure’s flexible cloud infrastructure offering virtual machines (VM) and infrastructure components that can be tailored to your requirements, provides you with the best AIoT experience. Our expert engineers will put together the right cloud infrastructure package for you, so you needn't worry about a thing. This includes, for example:

  • Deployment and sizing of VMs
  • Data storage, provisioning and database management
  • Interfaces, APIs and connectivity
  • Registration, authorization and authentication
  • Monitoring and billing
  • Cost-effective scaling of all necessary resources according to your actual demands is hosted on German and Western European servers, offering you maximum security. We can further customize hosting for you to meet your requirements, e.g. by running in your company's MS Azure subscription.

Data security is our priority

The confidentiality of your production data is of paramount importance to us. In the industrial context especially, the sensitivity of your data is our foremost concern. To provide you with the best possible environment, we have designed a comprehensive security concept for our products.

To further advance the field of security, we initiated a new research project together with Fraunhofer IOSB-INA: HAIP, standing for "Hybrid AI Intrusion Prevention". Since risk of cyber attacks is increasing with the increase of digitalized automation systems, used interfaces and data communication, we are training two different Machine Learning models and fuse them together. The first model learns the standard behavior of a non-compromised production system from the process data, while the second model recognizes patterns in the communication data. By intelligently integrating the models together, provides a security solution for industrial automation applications that improves continuously. Keeping your production data safe

Protecting your data is not merely an option, it is part of our core values. That's why we equip with a comprehensive security package right from the start:

  • Authentication:
    Access to the AIoT portal, APIs or administrative interfaces is only possible by authenticated users or components.
  • Authorization:
    Access to all interfaces and resources is only possible with given authorization.
  • Security transfers: ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data between all interfaces and during transfer.
  • Data storage:
    All data is stored only on secure data carriers or storage systems.
  • Client separation:
    Consistent client separation is ensured throughout the transfer, processing and storage of all data.

State-of-the-art security standards and concepts

Our SaaS products use a combination of the best and most reliable security concepts currently available on the market. They include:

  • OAuth2 (Open Authorization 2.0)

  • Username / Password Authentication

  • TLS (Transport Layer Security)

  • PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

  • SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network)

  • IPSec VPN (Internet Protocol Security Virtual Private Network)

  • 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication)

  • Azure Security Standards

  • Encrypted Server-grade Solid State Drives

  • Separate Keyspaces

  • Standard: Shared Infrastructure, plus optional: Dedicated Infrastructure Etc.

3500 security experts working for you: cloud computing via MS Azure

Providing the infrastructure for cloud applications to the highest standards is complex and cost-intensive. Not only should resources such as VMs be freely configurable and scalable, but the physical data centers behind them must be operated and monitored as well. Microsoft specializes, among other things, in the operation of cloud infrastructure and offers all the necessary infrastructure components and the associated international certificates with MS Azure. By using our SaaS solution in MS Azure’s environment, you, too, will automatically benefit:

  • Microsoft invests US$1 billion annually in research and development of cybersecurity for cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Over 3500 experts work at Microsoft to ensure application security and data protection.
  • All necessary certificates for cloud operation in Germany, the EU or internationally are issued (see overview below)

Accredited certificates ensure smooth operation with MS Azure

Platform- options

Choose the platform option best suited for you

We offer in 3 different platform options. Choose the one that suits you best:

Shared Platform:

Use one or more of your own spaces (highest organizational unit in in a platform instance managed by us. You share this platform instance with us and other customers. The Spaces created for you are exclusively accessible to you and are managed independently by you.

Dedicated Platform:

You receive your own platform instance in the Azure environment managed by us. You share the Azure environment and the underlying infrastructure (e.g. VMs and databases) with us and other customers. The platform instance created for you is accessible and managed independently by you. You can create your own Spaces.

Dedicated Infrastructure:

You receive your own platform instance, which we run for you separately in our or your Azure environment. With Dedicated Infrastructure, you have the greatest possible freedom and control over all your resources.

Data security on site at your company

What can you do within your company to further improve data security? The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards "Industrial communication networks - IT security for networks and systems" is an excellent starting point for this.

Even though this standard has its origins in automation technology in the process industry, it now covers all industrial sectors and critical infrastructures (CRITIS), focusing on the cybersecurity of so-called "Industrial Automation and Control Systems" (IACS). It provides guidance on identifying potential threats, assessing and evaluating them, and proposing practical solutions to reduce the risk.

More about the standard: is now available in the Adamos Store

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