Your customized cloud solution in 6 simple steps

Perfectly prepared with us by your side.

When you start implementing a cloud solution for your industrial plants and production systems, an overview of the entire project and important sub-steps is always useful. We will be at your side right from the start to support you throughout the entire project. To ensure the best possible planning reliability, we provide you with all the important information in advance.

The extent to which you want to use can be tailored exactly to your requirements. Whether you want a comprehensive and intelligent monitoring of your plants, in-depths evaluations or AI powered analyses, we provide it! You don’t have to decide straightaway—you have ultimate flexibility by adding modules such as at a later point.

Step 01

Tell us about your use-case

After you have tried and tested the Free Trial, we would like to understand your application in more detail in order to put together the right product package for you.

  • What is your line of business?

  • What would you like to achieve by using

  • How are your technical facilities and systems structured broadly, and how are they accessible in terms of data technology?

Step 02

Defining the scope

The second step is to define the scope of the project. Here, you can also first select a section of your technical system in which you want to start a pilot operation.

  • How many devices and data points do you want to record?

  • At what time interval should measurements be taken and transmitted?

  • What domain knowledge must be taken into account?

Step 03

Preparing for the introduction of

The next step is to make concrete preparations to roll out your new AIoT solution. The focus here is on the secure and reliable transmission of your data.

  • Prepaing your hardware for the provision of all necessary access

  • Provisions for data security and data protection Selection of suitable interfaces and communication protocols

  • Creation of your organizational structure in with Spaces, Containers, and Assets.

Step 04

Monitoring your data

Before the data of your technical system can be analyzed and evaluated in a comprehensive way, you will first need to start with the transfer into the platform. You therefore start monitoring your technical system before you can deploy and harness the full AI power. This includes the following steps:

  • Using or creating a schematic overview of the structure of your technical system especially with regard to the specifications of the measurement data and data streams to be collected.

  • Onboarding each of your IoT devices.

  • Starting to record data from your IoT devices and start monitoring them.

Step 05

Industrial Health Scoring

Take a step towards intelligently optimizing the availability of your plant and the quality of its product with Industrial Health Scoring. The powerful AI models of the DynamicxCore allow you to e.g. detect anomalies or to make quality predictions. The following steps are necessary for this:

  • Creation of the aggregation levels of your technical system

  • Extended transfer of your experts' domain knowledge into the AIoT platform, e.g. with regard to the more precise characterization of incoming data streams

  • Machine learning algorithms learn the behavior of your industrial systems and the associated production process in the background without you having to do anything.

Step 06

Step into the future with AI

With you have access to a large and constantly growing set of innovative AI models specifically designed for the industrial context. This means that you always have the latest developments from our Data Scientists as an optional add-on.

  • Mobilize the digital sparring partner for your engineers with to improve the performance, availability and quality of your technical system. 

  • Automated setup of a digital twin of your machines and systems.

  • With the return channel of your machine and plant control system being activated, it is possible to transfer control commands from the DynamicxCore directly to your plant. This always enables the plant control system to react even more efficiently and quickly to changes—optimizing itself independently.

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