Webinar: Smarter industry with data analytics & AI

06/29/2021 by Thomas Am Ende, Lead Marketing | Events

As part of the European Champions Alliance, we presented our solution for an AI driven industrial production in the "Smart Industry" webinar.

Recap after 10+ years of digital transformation

After the last 10+ years of digital transformation, connected products, equipment and processes create and use a vast amount of data every second and data technologies and cloud computing provide huge processing power at the same time. In many cases, this is not enough to make use of these endless streams of information. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as the key to effectively using these data.

After investing in robust and secure connectivity between shopfloor and cloud, the next step is to derive intelligence and value and incrementally initiate real change in the industrial production process leading to: efficiency gains, cost savings, quality improvements, etc.

Giving meaning to data

In our online debate, we discussed where we stand in terms of leveraging this potential and what data-driven applications the industry is actually looking for.

That is really one of the important topics: Making sure, that we can get this benefit not only for a limited, small application but really across all our production.

Ralf SchusterVice President Operations at Infineon Technologies

In the 2nd Tech Champion session, Oliver Habisch, our CEO, presented our approach to providing more value-creating AI-driven solutions for the industry. One challenge here is to get by with too little data in relation to specific scenarios and still use machine learning to teach the Digital Twin reliably.

If you were unable to attend, you can re-watch the full webinar on Youtube below and take away valuable insights and solution approaches for your business.

Author: Thomas Am Ende | Lead Marketing

Thomas Am Ende is marketing lead at NEXOCRAFT. His passion is to unite customer-centric engineering, the business perspective and digitalization. For him, equipping industrial production with AI in a direct and simple way is the big goal behind Industry 4.0.

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