How the plastics industry is using digitization as a competitive advantage

03/24/2022 by Christoph Voigt, Lead Marketing | IIoT

Production data is key in the digitization of the plastics industry. With an overview of the data of your production processes, artificial intelligence (AI) can create new opportunities that can take your industrial plants to a new level.

Competitive advantages arise for you primarily through the optimal use of your plants' data. In order to derive a benefit from the data, you need software that acts as a digital assistant, evaluating the process data, intelligently processing it with AI and thus directly supporting your employees.

Your production data is mapped transparently so that you can keep an eye on all quality-relevant factors. Process interruptions of your machines can be avoided, as you immediately see when process-relevant parameters run away. Cost-intensive production errors are avoided by fast reaction times and the consumption of resources is minimized.

Sustainable approach for the future

Companies that want to use digitization as a competitive advantage and remain competitive in the long term must also address the issue of sustainability and resource conservation.

By 2030, industry must reduce its emissions by around half (compared to 1990). In addition to the legal requirements, pressure from the public is also increasing, and companies that use digitization early on to produce more sustainably will soon benefit.
Energy efficiency, scrap reduction and resource conservation are there the first quickly implementable steps into a sustainable future of plastics processing.

The use of AI in production lines can:

  • More efficient production processes counteract the increasing scarcity of resources
  • Raw materials can be saved through improved process control
  • Scrap can be minimized, thus avoiding waste

Digitization can already ensure significant benefits today and can be complemented with innovative technologies - to find out what is already possible today and what will be feasible in the near future, networking with digitization experts is important.

On site at the SKZ Digitalization Conference

The SKZ - Digitalization Conference is all about the successful business models for the future.
"AI-based planning and control of intralogistics", "Smart technologies for the plastics industry" and "The potential of digitalization in the plastics industry" are just a small sample of the topics that will be discussed at the SKZ Digitalization Conference.

So how can digitalization give the plastics industry a competitive edge today?

On 04. and 05.05 we will be live on site at the SKZ digitization conference - visit our booth, get to know us and talk to us about the possibilities for your own production. We are looking forward to meeting you!

SKZ Digitization Conference

  • 04.05 – 05.05.22
  • Maschinenhaus Bürgerbräu

Author: Christoph Voigt | IoT & Solution Manager

Christoph Voigt has over 30 years of experience in programming for automation, PLCs, safety controllers, robots and HMIs. Many projects with a strong focus on IoT & AI make him an expert in unlocking these new technologies for industrial companies.

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