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24.03.2022 | Digitization | Christoph Voigt

How the plastics industry is using digitization as a competitive advantage

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12/15/2021 | AI | Thomas Am Ende

Cutting-edge automation solution with AI

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11/26/2021 | AI | Thomas Am Ende

Oliver Habisch as a guest on the Startup Insider Podcast

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11/24/2021 | NEXOCRAFT News | Thomas Am Ende

NEXOCRAFT raises €5 million in seed round and turns engineers into data scientists

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08/25/2021 | IIoT, NEXOCRAFT News | Oliver Habisch

IIoT expertise for industry: 5 challenges

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07.15.2021 | IIoT | Christoph Voigt

Full connectivity on the shopfloor

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06/29/2021 | IIoT | Maxim Maltsev

IoT data base for AI applications

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06/08/2021 | Events | Thomas Am Ende

Webinar: Smarter industry with data analytics & AI

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