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Process air plays a fundamental role in the industry, as all pneumatic processes depend on an optimal supply of compressed air. If the system pressure is too low, there is a risk of production downtime; if it is too high, energy costs can skyrocket.

However, it is particularly critical when process air is a primary process. This applies, for example, to air filter systems that must adhere to legal standards, or to extraction systems in painting processes. Here, the failure of system components leads to an immediate production stop. Our AIoT solution for process air optimization is beneficial for many industries:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Basic supply: Heating, cooling, water and air treatment
  • Metal processing industries: welding plants, paint shops
  • Plastics processing industries
  • Automotive industry
  • Production plants with clean room technology

Filter and plant monitoring

The first step in optimization is to make the plant data digitally available. Many modern systems already offer the necessary interfaces and systems for data processing, e.g. SCADA systems or PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) of various manufacturers as well as the industrial standard OPC-UA.

In addition, systems can be retrofitted with the components mentioned above. Alternatively, additional sensors can be installed at neuralgic points of the system. These transmit data directly to our platform, e.g. via an IoT mobile radio standard such as LoRa, NB-IoT or LTE-M. Possible integration options include:

  • Sensors for air quality
  • Sensors for measuring particle densities
  • pressure sensors
  • Vibration sensors and vibration measurement systems
  • Acoustic sensors and sound measurement

From the respective data collected and processed in, the current and even prospective "health" of your process air system can be determined with high quality.

Avoid critical system component failure

The first and immediate added value of our solution comes from the real-time monitoring of your process. The collected data is captured and stored in a structured way. Visualize the stored data in time series charts and dashboards and use them for your analyses.

In parallel, we capture the critical components of your processes and jointly create a process hierarchy. Combining your expert knowledge, the collected data or your systems and our AI technology, the DynamicxCore learns the crucial relationships. For instance, it will be able to pick up on fan 3 in plant section C rotating 20% slower, and alert you to it. Equally, the system learns to distinguish insignificant from significant changes.

As a result, Industrial Health Scoring presents you with the real-time health status of your process: continuously and visually engaging. Best of all, our AIoT solution is suitable for both desktop display and large-scale visibility on the store floor. By taking a holistic view of the process and automating the real-time analysis of all dependencies, you can significantly reduce downtime.

Predictive maintenance for air filtration and extraction systems

We go one step further and look into the future. Once our platform has learned enough from you and your process data, it not only determines and displays system health in real time, but offers a value forecast down to sensor level.

This allows you to plan maintenance windows more effectively and better assess the urgency of any current deterioration in system health. As a result, you save resources and significantly increase process quality, offering you the security to know that a process that is running smoothly will continue to perform reliably.

Application examples

Process air systems are found in a variety of industrial settings. If it is not ensured that these systems function reliably and properly, the production process linked to them will quickly come to a standstill. These systems often require a high level of maintenance and are equipped with e.g. filter systems which require regular inspection and cleaning.

The integration of our AIoT platform is particularly worthwhile:

  • for large and complex process air systems
  • for systems with high systemic relevance for production operations
  • for highly distributed and decentralized systems
  • for systems with many potential bottlenecks and susceptible components

Employ effectively for e.g.:

  • Air purification systems targeting oils, emulsion, gases and dust
  • Extraction and filtration during minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)
  • HEPA filter systems
  • Clean air recirculation
  • Air dehumidification or drying
  • Process and sterile filtration
  • Production with clean room technology is now available in the Adamos Store

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