Plastics processing

Monitor your plastics processing facilities with Artificial Intelligence

Plastics processing machines and processes can quickly take on great complexity, with many factors and process parameters in the manufacturing process interacting and depending on each other.

The entire process at a glance

Record, store and automatically process all sensor and measurement data, specifications of the input material and process parameters of your plastics processing machines with our AIoT platform without any detours, regardless of both manufacturer and where you read out data from your production line.

All "Pieces of Equipment" can be integrated

Transfer your data into from

  • PLCs (programmable logic controllers)
  • HMI (human machine interfaces)
  • industrial PCs
  • from individual sensors or measuring stations distributed from one or various places

All you need to do is ensure that all your "IoT devices", i.e. those that independently send data to the cloud, are created in and are able to send this data via a standard interface. Many of the current machine controllers already do this by default. If this is not the case, retrofitting for one of these interfaces is often possible. You can use the following interfaces with

  • OPC-UA
  • MQTT

Our customer projects:

Starting today will pay out!

As soon as your machines and systems are connected to and the data is securely transferred to the cloud, the data is also available to you in a structured form for monitoring, evaluation and process optimization from this point on. Right from the start, you can use the full performance spectrum of monitoring, and, at the same time, you create the necessary basis to introduce further cutting-edge AI modules for your plastics processing operationally ready for use within a year.

At the heart of is the DynamicxCore - that's what we call the sum of our technology based on the latest research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The DynamicxCore, like a human brain, is constantly learning and developing, and improves with every bit of data you provide. By starting to digitize your production lines today, you're sure to have an edge over your competitors in the future!

Automated monitoring of your machines and plants

Do you need efficient and comprehensive industrial monitoring? offers many features for this purpose. For example, you can visualize all individual data streams in dashboards as you require. Draw comparisons between time periods, batches, same machines or components and independently determine your most important key figures through automatically calculated KPIs.

In daily plant operation, a challenge which frequently arises is that e.g. changes and fluctuations in raw materials or process parameters are detected too late. Every second or minute that passes may lead to higher scrap and expensive follow-up costs. With our AIoT platform, you can easily circumvent this issue: simply set desired thresholds for key operating parameters, after which an alarm is immediately sent to the right person if the threshold is exceeded or not met. Send the alarms via:

  • the ticket system integrated in
  • email
  • SMS

Industrial Health Scoring

With's Industrial Health Scoring, you get both a structural overview of your complete production line and a fully automated calculation of the health status in real time. Utilizinging the Drill Down feature, you can detect malfunctions, limitations and anomalies in the operation of your plastics processing machines, starting from the complete plant down to four levels.

You get a manufacturer-independent access to the critical components of your plant:

  • Extruder
  • Tools and dies
  • Cutting devices
  • Insertion and removal devices
  • Measuring stations for input control and quality monitoring
  • Conveyor technology and robotics

Is a heating element from an extruder is not performing as it should, or is the injection pressure at the mold dropping prematurely? Our Industrial Health Scoring determines the health of your production operation in real-time and can be displayed as a live dashboard directly on your production line. You get instant access to your process performance data both aggregated and down to the sensor level. This makes troubleshooting and identification easy, extremely fast and significantly reduces your downtime.

Context-related, AI-assisted anomaly detection

Our AI feature for context-related anomaly detection is a powerful tool especially for the processes of plastics processing.'s DynamicxCore permanently monitors all incoming data streams, sensors and measured values in the background and thus has several thousand time series in view at the same time.

What the best engineer and the best team cannot do, the DynamicxCore easily succeeds in doing: For all factors, the real-time values are compared with the learned target behavior from the past. If there is a deviation from the set thresholds, you can see it in the Industrial Health Scoring.

To determine potential anomalies, DynamicxCore not only takes into account the corresponding data series itself, but also independently places it in the context of other data series. For example, with the extruder of an injection molding machine, torque, motor speeds, temperature curves of the heating elements, opening and closing times of the mold are all related to each other. Anomaly detection always considers the overall context, even across processes. If desired, DynamicxCore can also integrate generic data such as the air temperature of a production hall or external factors such as the specifications of the plastic granulate.

Improve the quality of your plastic parts with the AI power of Predictive Quality

One of the biggest challenges in the production of plastic molded parts or roll goods is to continuously ensure the required quality of the components. For this purpose, we offer you, a real step into the future of industrial manufacturing. Whether you are producing precision parts or goods with the highest requirements, technical parts with high demands or standard parts in very large quantities, the following quality features are always in the foreground:

  •     Dimensional accuracy of the molded part or roll goods
  •     part weight or weight per unit area
  •     Strengths
  •     Distortion
  •     Surface condition and quality
  •     Quality of forming, material bond, impregnation, etc.

Cooperation with the Dr. Reinold Hagen Foundation

The Dr. Reinold Hagen Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation with research and development projects in the fields of plastics technology and mechanical engineering. Its expertise lies in extrusion blow molding process technology with its focus on further developments of blow molding machines with their core components extruder, parison head, closing frame and mold. Other focal points include topics relating to new materials and material combinations (polymers for high-temperature applications, renewable raw materials, etc.).

The blow molding process is divided into many process steps and involves a high level of complexity, making it an ideal pilot project for Together with the Dr. Reinold Hagen Foundation, we continuously test and refine our AI models and optimize the parameterizations across the entire process.

Application examples

The AIoT platform can be used in the entire area of the plastics processing industry. You can use it to swiftly fit out the following machines and systems and digitize your processes:

  • Injection molding and injection molding processes for thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers
  • Blow molding for the production of hollow bodies
  • Fluid injection technology with gas and water for the production of structural components
  • Strand drawing processes (pultrusion) for the production of plastic profiles
  • Pressed components with fiber reinforcement
  • Thermoforming equipment or thermoforming machines is now available in the Adamos Store

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