Compressed air management and master control

Reduce energy consumption significantly with AI

Because compressed air is already one of the most expensive media for production plants from the outset, an unfavorable master control of the compressors as well as leakages in lines and pressure tanks have a particularly negative effect here. But actually, these processes subordinate to production should simply run reliably, robustly and efficiently in the background.

Artificial intelligence for your compressed air management

With we offer you an easily accessible yet AI-driven solution for optimizing your compressed air systems. First, integrate all your compressors, sensors and components into our AIoT platform - this is completely manufacturer-independent.

The existing master control remains in place and in function, but it is now enabled to make intelligent decisions with our AI controller on top:

  • In which scenario is which load distribution most efficient?
  • Where can peak loads be avoided?
  • Which compressor combination is best suited for which peak load scenario?
  • How do fixed and regulated compressors work together optimally?
  • What is the expected demand for the pressure network and pressure storage?
  • How can the system anticipate this?

Step 01

Optimize your compressed air system through leakage detection

  • Leakage detection for your existing pressure accumulators and lines: Off-peak times are used fully automatically to identify possible leaks.

  • You no longer miss any losses and receive valuable information on where you should carry out a pressure test if necessary.

  • With, undetected leaks are quickly revealed. The performance of your compressed air systems remains constant. You thus easily avoid increasing costs due to pressure losses.


Step 02

Take your master control to the next level

  • Your current master control system remains in place, but is significantly enhanced by AI.

  • AI learns the behavior of your compressed air system based on the process data and controls dynamically based on the consumption profiles, no static parameterization is necessary anymore.

  • ensures that the most efficient combination of compressors is active at all times. is now available in the Adamos Store

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