processControl for Compressed Air Systems

With the power of AI.

Compressed air constitutes the most expensive energy source in production, and additionally has an average leakage rate of 25-35%. processControl raises significant optimization potentials with the help of artificial intelligence, meaning you save energy completely automated.

A superordinate, predictive control of the entire industrial compressed air process.

      Keeping an eye on production plans and workload

      processControl controls the entire process predictively: from generation and treatment through to distribution and consumption.

      Dynamic adjustment

      By adjusting compressed air supply and demand, processControl makes network pressure more flexible. Pressure setpoints are dynamically adapted to actual demand and no longer kept at a constant level.


      Save more than 20% of energy

      By avoiding peak load times, you achieve significant energy savings.

      Less energy wastage due to leaks

      Since the air is stored for as short a time as possible, energy losses due to leaks are reduced.

      Fast Amortisation

      Low investment costs and a quick implementation ensure that the measure pays off in less than a year.

      Transparency of the production process

      Real-time monitoring provides you complete transparency over the compressed air process.

      Effects of processControl:

      • Dynamic adjustment of network pressure

      • Maximization of the base load share

      • Avoidance of overloading of the compressors

      • Avoidance of idle times of the compressors

      • Optimization of network pressure setpoint (centralized/decentralized)

      • Prevention of over- and undercompaction
      • Predictive filling of compressed air storage tanks
      • Avoidance of frequent compressor cycling (running time)
      • Coordination of compressed air demand and supply

      Customized data security policy

      From a central analytics platform (public, private, on-premises) to Edge Computing: we
      offer maximum flexibility to meet your individual security requirements.


      Our solutions are soon available at MindSphere Marketplace through our industry partner SIEMENS.

      Our IoT platform runs on Azure infrastructure, and our AI-apps will soon be available on the Azure Marketplace.

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