Recogizer Analytics becomes NEXOCRAFT

We are using the momentum of the new year 2021 to change our branding: Recogizer Analytics will become NEXOCRAFT. With this, we want to show our current focus more clearly outwards: As a young technology company, we focus on the "Next Step" specifically for technical systems and industrial plants.

We believe that the potential of industrial manufacturing is far from exhausted today. With our cloud-based AIoT solution graphicx, we provide engineers with a game changer. To do this, we interleave a variety of analytical models and weave them together in an almost artful way ("craft"). Unlike ever before, it is now possible to leverage the power of the most complex neural networks without any special prior knowledge in machine learning and to quickly equip industrial plants with them. Our clear goal is to significantly increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your industrial assets: less scrap, better quality and higher availability.

In this respect, the launch of our new brand NEXOCRAFT is as natural as it is obvious for us. Our core competence thus remains in place and our organizational structure largely unchanged.

We are exploring new ways to take process performance and quality to the next level and reduce machine downtime.

Oliver HabischCEO and Founder

Dive into your data pools:

  • Delivering turnkey Analytics solutions from a single source
  • Ready to use with preconfigured models
  • Customized to your specific application case
Team Besprechung NEXOCRAFT
Fusing worlds. Our team consists of Data Scientists | IoT Solution Engineers | Specialists for Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Taking process quality to the next level.

Reducing machine downtime.

Offering sustainable business models.

Our management

NEXOCRAFT Management - Oliver Habisch - CEO

Oliver Habisch

CEO and Founder

NEXOCRAFT Management - Julian Schmidt - CTO

Julian Schmidt 

CTO and Co-Founder


NEXOCRAFT Management - Martin Irrgang - COO

Martin Irrgang


NEXOCRAFT Management - Alexey Karpov - VP Platform Development

Alexey Karpov

VP Platform Development

NEXOCRAFT Management - Alexander Verinov - VP Machine Learning Engineering

Alexander Verinov

VP Machine Learning Engineering

NEXOCRAFT Management - David Peláez - VP DevOps

David Peláez

VP DevOps


Ongoing funding projects


Artificial intelligence for medium-sized industrial companies: The "ManuBrain" project is creating a universal, scalable and open platform for a wide range of industrial applications of artificial intelligence: a construction kit with algorithms for companies to access.