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Intelligent monitoring and powerful AI models for your industrial assets means less waste, better quality and higher availability. Start now!

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AI quality controller

Your quality parameters are permanently monitored. If desired, the target values affecting quality are directly readjusted within the permissible tolerance corridor.


No software customizations

Classic IIoT platforms require complex and cost-intensive customizing projects. We take a new approach. is preconfigured ready for your machine type.


Reduce costs up to 20%

Automation technology and modern production lines usually already work efficiently. Equipped with our AI, however, you can reduce costs once again by up to 20%.


Resource and CO2 savings

Industry is changing, the consumption of resources must be reduced. helps directly: less waste, less energy consumption, reduction of compressed air leakage and more!

You have come to the right place if...

... you want to securely connect machines and sensors.

... you want to take your production output or quality to a new level.

... you want to reduce machine downtime.

... you want to implement sustainable, digital business models.

Customer projects

Ready to start

Now available in the Adamos Store! is part of the ADAMOS ecosystem: For mechanical and plant engineering as well as manufacturing industries, software solutions are now available and accessible with just a few clicks.

  • is now directly bookable in the ADAMOS STORE

  • Attractive flat rate prices, which include all costs also for the instrastucture on MS Azure: starting at 120€ / month

  • Test for your production lines for 30 days free of charge!

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  • Powerful Industrial AIoT platform
  • First digital sparring partner in the world ready for your industrial engineers
  • We increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your industrial assets
  • Made by engineers, for engineers
  • Large in-house team: machine learning experts, data scientists, specialists in autonomous systems and robotics
  • Software-as-a-Service: Made and hosted in Germany
  • Years of experience and company history in the field of HVAC systems with over 20% cost savings using Artificial Intelligence