Industrial AIoT Solutions

The next level for production and automation

Intelligent monitoring and powerful AI models for your industrial assets means less waste, better quality and higher availability. Start now!

Less waste, higher quality and increased availability

Continuous improvements are essential for production processes:

  • How can downtimes be further reduced and detected at an early stage?
  • How can scrap be avoided and the quality level monitored?
  • What actuators can be changed to reduce set-up times and increase output?
Optimize your overall plant effectiveness

A smart way to digitize your industrial plants

AI typically requires you to have an enormous amount of data. We do it differently.

  • With, you can bundle all sensor and measurement data, process parameters and external factors.
  • Use all your data specifically for intelligent monitoring.
  • With this input, the DynamicxCore - the artificial neural network behind our product - learns your plant behavior.
  • Now our core competence comes into play: With full AI power, for example, health conditions of your plant are monitored in real time and anomalies are detected.
Start now with!

No data scientists required

Our mission is clear: We want to enable industrial companies to access digitization and AI as easily as possible:

  • Our graphical user interface eliminates the need for any additional software engineers.
  • We can combine a data-driven approach (Machine Learning) with your domain knowledge more efficiently than ever before.
  • Our DynamicxCore is self-trained and operated - you won't need Data Scientists.
  • Our SaaS products are tailor-made for industrial engineers.
Get to your cloud solution in just 6 steps!

You have come to the right place if...

... you want to securely connect machines and sensors.

... you want to take your production output or quality to a new level.

... you want to reduce machine downtime.

... you want to implement sustainable, digital business models.

Customer projects

Ready to start

Now available in the Adamos Store! is part of the ADAMOS ecosystem: For mechanical and plant engineering as well as manufacturing industries, software solutions are now available and accessible with just a few clicks.

  • is now directly bookable in the ADAMOS STORE

  • Attractive flat rate prices, which include all costs also for the instrastucture on MS Azure: starting at 120€ / month

  • Test for your production lines for 30 days free of charge!

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  • Powerful Industrial AIoT platform
  • First digital sparring partner in the world ready for your industrial engineers
  • We increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of your industrial assets
  • Made by engineers, for engineers
  • Large in-house team: machine learning experts, data scientists, specialists in autonomous systems and robotics
  • Software-as-a-Service: Made and hosted in Germany
  • Years of experience and company history in the field of HVAC systems with over 20% cost savings using Artificial Intelligence